A BA in Biology Vs. a BS in Biology?

Answer Choosing the college degree to pursue can be a difficult and confusing decision. One choice is the different course of study required for a Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Science degree. I... Read More »

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Do you need biology to take AP biology?

You are not required to take a class in high school in order to take the Advanced Placement (AP) exam for that subject. However, you will learn the necessary information in the class, especially if... Read More »

What does bio mean in biology?

Bio- is a prefix derived from the Greek word, bios, which means life. The suffix -logy means the "study of" or "science of." The origin of the full word, biology, dates back to 1819.Source:Online E... Read More »

How to Ace AP Biology?

Ah Yes. The dreaded class. AP Biology. Some take it as sophomores, others as Juniors but we all know, it'll never go away. Hopefully by reading this, you'll be better prepared for this dilemma call... Read More »

What is human biology?

Human biology is a relatively new academic discipline. It is offered at various institutions across the United States and its primary objective is to address major social issues from a scientific a... Read More »