A 3lb weight fell on my big toe?

Answer Even if your toe is broken all the doctors do is tape it to the next toe, as it is too small to do much else with. Still, if you are worried, it is best to get it looked at, in case something else ... Read More »

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I fell so over weight what can i do?

It's hard I know. I've had to give up eating entire hams at the dinner table, now I have to get by on nothing but a deep fried turkey...

I fell in gym and bruised my knee real bad. It was healing until I fell again and now its purple and it hurts.?

It sounds like you just rebruised it. A bruise is just blood under the skin. It's like a scab under the skin when healing. If you rip off a scab, what happens? It bleeds. The same thing a bruise is... Read More »

I fell over missing the last step of a flight of stairs. I twisted round and fell awkwardly on the floor... ?

No, if you are crying in pain, then it is seriousIt's just "sore"

What do I do if my face fell off and it fell in the well!?