99% of the pages on the internet will not adjust to fit my widesgreen monitor,why?

Answer Web pages are not designed to be viewed on any one screen size. If a webmaster designed his page to be viewed on your wide-screen. Then other visitors with smaller screens would be forced to scroll... Read More »

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Random pages keep on crashing and some pages will not let me scroll down on Please read the bit below.?

Hi,Chrome is known to be a bit buggy yet so ask on the chrome tech support forum.Also try a different browser such as fFirefoz to see if it is better using that.Arnak

My HP Deskjet F4400 prints only blank pages except when I print test pages or alignment pages!!?

Who invented the Internet Yellow Pages?

Harley Hahn writes the book titled "Internet Yellow Pages." This directory has twelve editions, as of 2005. This is made available to users as a print book, but Hahn has also made it available onli... Read More »

If all the pages on the internet were printed off.....?

infinity, with server side scripts such as php there are an infinate amounts of pages that can be gerorated. For instance, you print a page w/ a hit counter, then you have to print it again and aga... Read More »