96 Maxima Problems?

Answer According to the Microsoft Network Auto website, the 1996 Nissan Maxima has not given rise to many mechanical complaints. Some owners, however, have complained about electrical and transmission pro... Read More »

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Problems With 10% Ethanol in a Maxima?

The Nissan Maxima has been in production since 1981 in the United States. While newer model Maximas should not have any problems running on ethanol gasoline, some of the older models may have probl... Read More »

Problems With the Maxima IACV?

The idle air control valve, or IACV, in the Nissan Maxima is responsible for regulating the amount of air that flows through the throttle body to maintain a constant idle speed. Maxima's powertrain... Read More »

Maxima Ethanol Problems?

The Nissan Maxima has been in production for 30 years as of 2011. A lot has changed between the original 1981 Maxima and the 2011 model that is currently in production, including the vehicle's abil... Read More »

2003 Maxima Fuel Problems?

The 2003 Maxima has only one recall on the automobile from the manufacturer, according to This recall had nothing to do with any fuel problems, and no major complaints have been m... Read More »