94 Civic Alternator Removal?

Answer The 1994 Honda Civic uses several brands of alternator, including Nippondenso, Mitsubishi and Duralast. All are available at any auto-parts store, though the Nippondenso and the Mitsubishi alternat... Read More »

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How to Change the Alternator on a Civic?

The alternator in your Honda Civic helps extend the life of your battery by recharging the battery during use. If you alternator is faulty, your battery will not be able to hold a charge and your C... Read More »

How to Remove an Alternator on a Civic?

The alternator in your Honda Civic recharges the battery as you drive, saving you from needing to frequently charge or jump a dead car. The alternator is necessary to run the car's computer, radio,... Read More »

How to Remove & Replace a Civic Alternator?

The Honda Civic's alternator is responsible for keeping the battery fresh. Otherwise, the battery will run out of power quickly. You need to replace a bad alternator to prevent this from happening.... Read More »

How to Replace the Alternator in a Honda Civic?

If your Honda Civic has a bad alternator, you need to replace it, or it will quickly drain the car battery. Reaching the battery to disconnect it can be a bit challenging. The alternator in the Civ... Read More »