88 Toyota Cressida Won't Hold a Charge?

Answer Automotive batteries degrade over time, and events such as jump-starts and complete drains will accelerate this process. When a battery fails to hold a charge, this typically means that the battery... Read More »

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My Flip Ultra HD wont hold its charge, anyone know how to fix it?

Why Does My Toyota Cressida Smell of Gas?

If your Toyota Cressida smells like gas when it is running, this could be due to a few different factors. For serious problems such as leaks, the car should be taken to a mechanic right away to be... Read More »

What can cause a 1989 Toyota Cressida to overheat?

A 1989 Toyota Cressida could overheat because of several issues with the cooling system. Common faults include a stuck thermostat, clogged heater core, low coolant or a malfunctioning electric cool... Read More »

Where is the oil filter located on a Toyota Cressida?

Answer The oil filter is located on the front of the motor under the exhaust manifold