7th grade makeup?

Answer Trust me, she won't be the only one. For me, everyone wore makeup in SIXTH grade. Seventh grade is the transition from kid to teen, and I'm sure just about every girl will be/have experementing wit... Read More »

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i'm going to eighth grade too i wear eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss

Makeup for 8th grade?

First, as I am probably your Mom's age, I have to give you a wee bit of advice:So you are 14? I know you don't understand this, but going heavy or dark with your makeup is really inappropriate. Yo... Read More »

So I'm going to the eight grade and I need a little makeup help!!!?

Really like that kind of makeup, its natural and simple. Your only in 8th grade and you dont want anything thats like "whoa".

I'm in 6th grade and makeup?

I think just a little mascara and some lip gloss would do just fine