7th Grade Science Project: How to Make a Parachute?

Answer In this lesson students will observe a parachute working and discuss what makes a parachute work. They will learn about how the parachute creates air resistance or drag to slow down the the speed o... Read More »

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How to Make a Parachute Science Fair Project?

Making a parachute science fair project requires understanding the forces of gravity and air resistance. In this parachute science fair project, you will drop several different eggs from the same l... Read More »

Parachute Science Project Instructions?

Investigate how a parachute slows a skydiver's descent to the earth so he can land safely on his feet. While the gravity pulls the skydiver down, the parachute causes an opposite force, which is kn... Read More »

How to Make a Fourth-Grade Science Project?

Fourth-grade science is a chance to introduce students to the scientific method. By having them perform a science project, students can learn the basic methods of how scientific questions are answe... Read More »

How to Make an Animal for a Fifth-Grade Science Project?

For a science project, consider creating a paper mache animal. To start, you need to think about the characteristics of the particular animal you wish to make. For instance, students should be able... Read More »