7th-Grade Science Fair Projects With Sodas?

Answer Soda is a popular concoction for use in 7th-grade science projects. Soda can be used in experiments on chemical reactions, dental hygiene and carbonation. Soda is also a safe substance to manipulat... Read More »

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5th Grade Science Fair Projects With Infrared?

Infrared radiation, known as heat waves, consists of electromagnetic radiation whose wavelengths exist beyond the red portion of the visible light spectrum. Fifth-grade science projects revolving a... Read More »

Seventh Grade Science Fair Projects With the Solar System?

The seventh grade science fair solar system project has come a long way since the foam balls on wire of years ago. Granted, that's a classic way to illustrate the solar system as a model, but these... Read More »

Sixth Grade Science Fair Projects With Fruit Juices?

Projects on fruit juice help engage sixth grade students in learning, since they are using substances that are present in their everyday lives. Furthermore, they learn that fruit juices are not jus... Read More »

5th Grade Science Fair Projects?

Students in the 5th grade are ready to shoulder more responsibility when it comes to selecting and doing a science project. While there still may be help from a parent or teacher, the ideal project... Read More »