7th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas That Don't Involve Humans?

Answer For seventh grade science fair projects, the method of using a survey to collect data remains a popular choice. Barring that, many students choose to perform an observational study, observing how p... Read More »

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Grade 4 Science Fair Project Ideas That Don't Involve Chemicals?

Many science fair projects for fourth graders don't involve chemicals. The good news is a non-chemical project won't hurt a student's grade. Veteran elementary school teacher Kathy Whitehead says t... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas That Involve Food?

Science fair projects that involve food, a basic ingredient to sustaining life, are usually simple, nontoxic and fun to prepare and complete. Students of all ages, from elementary grades up to high... Read More »

Ideas to Do for a Fifth Grade Science Fair That Involve Mixtures & Compounds?

Creating a science project with mixtures and compounds in chemistry can help your student stand out at the science fair. Students can choose from a variety of project ideas in this area. Learning b... Read More »

Ideas to Do for a Science Fair for 5th Grade That Involve Mixtures and Compounds?

In the 5th grade, many students receive their first introduction to mixtures and compounds, as well as the scientific method. Mixtures, such as the cytosol of a cell, are heterogeneous forms of mat... Read More »