768mb of pc2700 ram or 512mb of pc3200 ram?

Answer Just use the 512mb. Here's why, if you mix different sized RAM chips, the computer runs slower. This is because it can't just shoot the same sized chunks of data to the RAM. It has to alternate ... Read More »

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Are PC2700& PC3200 compatible?

PC2700 and PC3200 are double data rate memory. The numbers on them indicate the amount of memory your computer is able to handle. However, since the memory works as backward compatibility, PC2700 a... Read More »

Can I put PC3200 in a PC2700 computer?

You can use PC3200 RAM in a computer meant for PC2700. The computer will just run the PC3200 RAM at the PC2700 speed. However, it is not recommended to attempt to use PC2700 RAM in a computer mea... Read More »

How to Upgrade From a PC2700 to a PC3200?

The memory modules installed in your computer are measured both by their amount of memory, such as 512 megabytes, and their speed, such as PC2700. If you need your computer to have a speed boost, i... Read More »

What does PC2700 and PC3200 DDR memory denote?

The terms "PC-2700" and "PC-3200" denote computer memory modules that can transfer data at up to 2700 and 3200 megabytes per second, respectively. You may also see the labels DDR-333 and DDR-400, r... Read More »