73 GB on hard drive is missing. Help!?

Answer Western Digital did not "lie" they expressed a drive size of 500GB numbered as a decimal.You wanted 500billion bites you've got them.part of that 35GB that's "missing" is formatting and MFTWhat el... Read More »

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I need help with my macbook pro 15" after i changed hard drive and was trying to reformate the hard drive.?

Not 100% sure but do not think your Mac will support 8 GB of ram memory. Go to enter the Mac info to find out max system will support, correct type memory modules for upgrade... Read More »

My external hard drive files are missing?

Sims 3 does not require a very strong graphics card but with your budget, it should run fine. Get the asus 6670 from here...…this graphics card is meant to... Read More »

My hard drive is full. Can an external hard drive help?

Help me to buy a hard drive for my PC?

in have sata hdd from 2005 and it is working perfect like it used to be so i think you should get a saa hdd and also don't believe on technicians sayings they are not always right because once i al... Read More »