'70s-Style Dress Clothes?

Answer Fashion from the 1970s is known for featuring bold and colorful prints, flared trousers and platform shoes. Men and women were able to choose from a selection of formal, hippie- and punk-styled att... Read More »

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Do you have a style icon Someone that inspires the way you dress, or would like to dress?

not one in particular..but if i see an outfit i like, whether on the streets, or TV, or magazines..i take a mental photograph of it and then try to emulate it with whatever i have in my ... Read More »

Once there was three persons red green white one of them said we wear eachother's names dress the person wore white clothes said ya it is so whose's were which colour's dress?

How to Cut Your Clothes Rock Style?

Creating a new style can be as easy as knowing how to use a pair of scissors. As warm weather sets in, designer tees, tanks and shorts take on new meaning. Instead of breaking the bank shopping at ... Read More »

Are these clothes swag style?

God, most teenagers are stupid. Swag is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. And no, you wouldn't look "swaggy", you would look like a douche.