7 Ways to Kid-Proof Your Summer?

Answer When you have to appear in court for a judgment on a lawsuit between two parties, the judge that your case is assigned to will listen to your side, the other person's side and to any witnesses for ... Read More »

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How to sun-proof my car this summer to keep it cool?

It all depends on what your budget will allow. Window tinting, stick on sun screens, one of those fold-able reflective sun-blockers you put in the window, and a car cover can significantly decreas... Read More »

Ways for a teen girl to lose weight over the summer?

You can't spot reduce. Your body will lose weght where it sees fit.1.) Eat right- That is the only way to get good results. None of the "no carb" "no fat" bull####. You need a healthy amount of foo... Read More »

How can your child's father's mother get emergency temporary custody of your child with no proof of abuse or neglect or endangerment?

Answer To my knowledge, if a state agency is not involved because of negelct or abuse,your mother-in-law can get temporary custody if you go to family court and askthat she take temporary custody ... Read More »

Want to video w my camcorder on a boat... how do i watr proof my camera w/o buying expensive watr proof case?

I did made one by using ziplock bag and used UV filter of larger size attached with step up ring to madke a lens window.It was splashproof.But we will need to wipe filter often