7 Main Stages of a Star?

Answer Stars, such as the sun, are large balls of plasma that can produce light and heat in the area around them. While these stars come in a variety of different masses and forms, they all follow the sam... Read More »

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What Are the Two Main Stages of Cell Division?

There are two major types of cell division -- mitosis and meiosis. In addition to mitosis, the process of cytokinesis is involved in the division of cells. In plants, the cells produced through the... Read More »

Stages of the Death of a Star?

Stars vary widely in size, density and temperature, but they all mostly consist of hydrogen and helium and produce their own light and heat through nuclear fusion. Large stars, called "super giants... Read More »

Stages of a Massive Star?

All stars, whether large or small by the sun's standards, originate as a cloud of gas called a nebula that is made up almost entirely of hydrogen with about 3 percent helium and a little dust. Some... Read More »

What Are the Stages in the Cycle of an Average Star Like the Sun?

The sun is a fairly ordinary star. It is neither particularly large nor particularly small, and its total life span is expected to be around 10 to 15 billion years. Smaller stars last much longer, ... Read More »