67 Chevelle Rear Wheel Bearing Installation?

Answer The 1967 Chevy Chevelle has a non C-clip rear axle. On the early models such as this, it is not necessary to open the rear differential to remove the axles. The axle and bearing are held secure by ... Read More »

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Installation of a Rear Wheel Bearing on an 1986 Mercedes 300?

The rear wheel bearings in your 1986 Mercedes 300 are vital in ensuring your vehicle's wheels are able to perform correctly and rotate smoothly. Damaged rear wheel bearings can affect the stability... Read More »

1970 Chevelle Rear Bumper Installation Instructions?

Cars from the 1970s had lots of chrome. Maybe it's the chrome that gives the muscle cars their staying power. The 1970 Chevelle is a muscle car with lots of chrome, including heavy chrome bumpers. ... Read More »

Rear End Bearing Removal & Installation Tools?

Replacing the various bearings and seals located in the rear end of an automobile requires a number of specific rear end bearing removal and installation specialty tools. The bearings in the rear e... Read More »

How to Remove a Rear Wheel Bearing?

The rear wheel bearing is located inside the wheel hub and is designed to allow the wheel to turn easily on the axle. The wheel bearing is made of small metal ball bearings encased in a metal ring.... Read More »