660ti ftw+ 3gb vs gtx 670 ftw?

Answer Get the gtx 670 ftw. The gtx 660 ti is really held back by the 192 gigabit memory bandwidth vs 256 on the gtx 670. The extra 1gb memory doesn't really matter. The gtx 670 ftw is nearly at gtx 680 s... Read More »

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Upgrading to 660ti gtx?

Your Core 2 Duo CPU will bottleneck a GTX 660 ti significantly in games that take advantage of more than two cores ( BF3, Crysis 2, etc)

GTX 660ti HDMI not working?

It may be the card isn't getting enough power.The cable may be bad, try another one.Try other connections. Ex. VGA/DVI.Try multiple ports and monitors.Try changing the resolution to your monitor's ... Read More »

Gtx 660ti vs. gtx 670 vs. gtx 680 Answer soon please?

Well so the 680 is of course the best card but I think that the best one to get is the 670, it may not be quite as powerful as the 680 but it is close and the 680 is not really worth the extra $100... Read More »

Gtx 660Ti in coolermaster elite 310 cabinet?

Yes, a 660ti will fit into that case with room to spare.