6.5 Diesel Torque Specs?

Answer The 6.5-liter diesel engine is a General Motors (GM) engine first used in its 1982 pickup trucks. The engines were made by the Detroit Diesel division of GM, although production has been taken ove... Read More »

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Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Torque Specifications?

A diesel engine's cylinder head is a part of a vehicle's combustion chamber. It connects to the intake and exhaust valves, as well as spark plugs, and allows the flow of air and fuel through the en... Read More »

Escort Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Torque Specifications?

Ford equipped the 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel engine in the Escort during the 1984 and 1985 production years. Unlike gasoline engines, which are equipped with spark plugs to ignite the fuel, the... Read More »

R6 Torque Specs?

Yamaha significantly revised the YZF-R6 -- a 600-class motorcycle introduced in 1998 -- at least four times, each time increasing the compression ratio and power output, among other things. The 201... Read More »

3.4L Torque Specs?

The 3.4L V6 engine is a member of General Motors' 60 degree V6 engine family that began in 1980. These engines were used in such vehicles as the Chevrolet Lumina in 1996, the Oldsmobile Silhouette ... Read More »