64 bit windows won't support a game?

Answer you can't the very old games have to go.

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Why wont Windows Live Movie Maker wont speed up my video?

because your computer is not equipped to deal with editing the video from your camcorder. Just because it has issues in MovieMaker does not mean what you want to do will not work. Render/save as/ex... Read More »

I tried calling Microsoft support to install Windows 8 and they tell me to go to which is a scam?

What number did you call?Microsoft Tech Support: 1-800-936-5700.

My dad wont support me being vegetarian. :'(?

seriously i don't understand why people that want to be, are or know a vegetarian want to make an issue out of it. it's not like you decided to become communist and move to cuba,

Why wont the songs I transferred to my mp3 player from Windows Media, play on another computer with Windows?

Is this code talk for a four way make-out party between you, Guido, Gunslinger and me?*quickly chews on a breath mint*