64 bit computer now running programs *32 ?

Answer Many programs are still running in 32-bit. Some 64-bit programs still have some 32-bit components. This is not a problem. As time goes by you will begin to see less of those programs with the *32 d... Read More »

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How to Turn Off Programs Running in the Background of My Computer?

Most of the programs running in the background of your computer start automatically during PC reboot. These applications were added to the Windows startup menu during default installation. However,... Read More »

Why does my computer fragment so bad when no programs are running I defragged & left it on & it's bad again.?

There's a chance you have some kind of hacking tool installed in your computerGo to and run a Total Scan or go to and then you'll be able to remove ... Read More »

What computer programs do i need to keep my computer running like new?

Just don't add to many "extras" and watch for garbage you might pick up on the internet. De fragment your hard drive after you have deleted a lot of data and consider it before installing larger pr... Read More »

How do i see what programs are running.?