'60s Theme Party Invitations?

Answer If you're planning a '60s theme party, you can get your guests into the swing of things before they arrive by putting a little effort into some groovy invitations. A bit of psychedelia and Peter Ma... Read More »

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How do I word invitations for a black& white theme party?

Introduce your party--announce the party's host, the reason for the event and your party's theme. In order for guests to dress appropriately, they will need to be informed that it is a black and wh... Read More »

How Many Weeks In Advance Should Birthday Party Invitations Go Out For An Adult Party...?

Minimum 30 days, preferably 6 weeks. You will need to request RSVP for a party the size you are planning.

Invitations for an '80s Party?

If you're throwing an '80s-themed party, get your guests in the mood from the start with the right invitations. Pull themes from '80s music, pop culture and slang to interest guests in your party a... Read More »

1940s Party Invitations?

When you're having an decade-themed party, the invitation must lure the guest to attend. With decade parties, you'll want to make sure the invitation explains the exact aesthetic and time-period an... Read More »