60 Days to Quit: California Eviction Law?

Answer California evictions are regulated under the state's Landlord and Tenant Act. This act describes the exact requirements for taking eviction action against a tenant, as well as the legal reasons for... Read More »

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How to Stop an Eviction in California?

An eviction is a legal process used by a landlord to regain possession of a rental unit. Evictions take place for a number of reasons, with non-payment of rent being chief among them. There are a n... Read More »

How many days do you give someone for eviction?

On One Hand: Maybe as Many as 90 Days.In some situations, a landlord must provide significant notice to tenants before eviction. According to legal reference website, the cit... Read More »

How to Start the Eviction Process in California?

When a landlord needs to evict a tenant from his property, he must follow specific legal guidelines. He cannot just demand a tenant leave or try to force her out through harassment tactics, such as... Read More »

How Can I Delay Family Eviction in California?

One of the trickiest kinds of eviction is a family eviction. It is not normally a formal rental arrangement. Rental arrangments in this case are considered to be month to month leases, with all the... Read More »