60 Days to Quit: California Eviction Law?

Answer California evictions are regulated under the state's Landlord and Tenant Act. This act describes the exact requirements for taking eviction action against a tenant, as well as the legal reasons for... Read More »

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How many days do you give someone for eviction?

On One Hand: Maybe as Many as 90 Days.In some situations, a landlord must provide significant notice to tenants before eviction. According to legal reference website, the cit... Read More »

How many days does a tenant with an eviction notice have?

It depends upon whether the notice is the first regarding eviction, as well as the tenant's state of residence. For example, in Michigan it usually takes about 30 days total for a landlord to succe... Read More »

How to Stop an Eviction in California?

An eviction is a legal process used by a landlord to regain possession of a rental unit. Evictions take place for a number of reasons, with non-payment of rent being chief among them. There are a n... Read More »

What is the eviction process in California?

The rules for evicting a tenant in California are quite rigid. A court hearing is mandatory for every eviction. At the hearing, tenants will have a chance to argue why they should be allowed to rem... Read More »