6 days late on your period an having a light pink discharge what does this mean?

Answer It means your probably getting ready to have your period. Periods aren't always the same exact days every month, they tend to fluctuate any where from a few days to a weeks. Don't worry.

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What does it mean if you get your period six days late and it starts out with a light pink color?

Answer It probably just means you were late this month. I am normally a very regular person and I was late two months in a row, for no reason. If you are worried, call your doctor, but if you had... Read More »

What does brownish pink spotting 5 days after a late light period mean?

Possibly pregnant, take pregnancy test or go see your doctor.

The time you were expecting your period you had sex with your fiance and there was a light pink stain on your bedsheets afterward Now you are 6 days late and wondered if spotting could mean pregnancy?

Answer It's very common for a Woman to have sex during her period or a few hours prior to it starting & this resulting in a stopped period or a completely delayed period. This is due to the hormon... Read More »

Your sixteen years old and had sex a month ago then a late light period afterwards. you got a pregnancy test that came up negative.Your period is already six days late this month are you pregnant?

Answer not necessarily. So women get late periods even if they aren't pregnent. it's best to retry the pregnancy test several times. and if you still aren't sure. see a doctor.