6 Different Fossil Types?

Answer The study of fossils is important. It can yield valuable information about what life was like at the time the fossil was formed. Two general classifications define fossils -- body and trace. Body f... Read More »

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What are Three Types of Fossil Fuel?

Fossil fuels are nonrenewable energy sources composed of organic matter from deceased organisms. This matter consists primarily of carbon and hydrogen bonds and takes centuries to form. While fossi... Read More »

The Types of Fossil Molds?

Fossils are the remains of plant and animal life preserved in hardened sediment. There are two types of mold fossils: plant and animal. Mold fossils are created when a plant or an animal is preserv... Read More »

Types of Reactions in Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are the results of nature's natural carbon production and one of the most abundant elements on Earth. The transformation takes centuries to decompose organic matter or prehistoric subs... Read More »

What is an amber fossil?

Amber fossils are popular among collectors for both their beauty and the range of inclusions, or insects and other animals, caught within them. Many amber fossils form over millions of years and ma... Read More »