5th Grade Science Projects with Strawberries?

Answer Although children enjoy different types of experiments and science projects, they tend to particularly like projects that involve everyday items because they can relate to the subject matter better... Read More »

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1st Grade Science Projects With Germs?

First graders are too small to appreciate the complexities of microscopic organisms, but they are old enough to play with glitter and understand the importance of hand-washing. Some germ projects i... Read More »

Science Projects With Soda for 6th Grade?

Soda pop isn't just for drinking; it can also be used for science projects. The carbonated beverages hold certain properties that can make a project bubble, but it can also be messy, so when doing ... Read More »

7th Grade Science Projects With Crystals?

Crystals make interesting and educational science projects for kids of all ages. Younger children enjoy growing simple sugar and salt crystals. For seventh-graders, crystal science projects should ... Read More »

5th Grade Science Projects With Sea Shells?

The fascination children have with seashells makes them a useful teaching tool in the classroom. Seashells are also useful in the classroom because they are inexpensive and easy to find if you live... Read More »