5th Grade Science Projects on Evaporation?

Answer A fifth-grade science fair is an opportunity for students to study a topic in depth. Evaporation is a part of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. It involves a transformin... Read More »

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Science Projects on Teaching Evaporation & Condensation?

Evaporation is when water is changed into vapor, while condensation is when the gas vapor becomes a liquid. Evaporation and condensation are two concepts that can be explained with science experime... Read More »

Science Projects for Grade 4?

In primary classrooms, students are introduced to basic science concepts. As they move into intermediate classrooms, fourth grade students can begin to conduct science experiments in which they exp... Read More »

Science Projects for the 5th Grade?

Science projects for fifth-graders should provide the students a chance to perform an experiment, record results and think through what those results mean. This begins to prepare the students for t... Read More »

Science Projects for the Second Grade?

Use easy and fun science projects to help the second-grade student develop a love for science and critical-thinking skills. An interest in science also helps the child learn more about the world a... Read More »