5th Grade Science Fair Projects on Electromagnetics?

Answer An electromagnet is a device in which a magnetic field is produced by an electric current. Since the first practical electromagnet was invented in the early 1800s, electromagnets have been used i... Read More »

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5th Grade Science Fair Projects?

Students in the 5th grade are ready to shoulder more responsibility when it comes to selecting and doing a science project. While there still may be help from a parent or teacher, the ideal project... Read More »

8th Grade Science Fair Projects for Girls?

As girls enter their teenage years, they typically have an increased interest in gender differences and social interactions. While any middle-school science project would likely suit an eighth-grad... Read More »

Ideas for 8th-Grade Science Fair Projects?

The origin of the school science fair can be traced back to 1941. Science Services, in conjunction with the American Institute of New York, created Science Clubs of America and established 800 club... Read More »

Science Fair Chemistry Projects for 8th Grade?

Science fair projects are a way for students to show off what they have learned over the year. By the eighth grade, students have a basic understanding of chemical principles and different chemical... Read More »