5gb movie to large for 16gb usb drive?

Answer FAT32 cannot store any single file larger than 4GB, period. However it's the standard because it's compatible with the widest variety of systems. NTFS allows for larger files but isn't readable b... Read More »

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Is a 1gb flash drive better than a 16gb?

NOO wtf lolmight be if the 1gb is amazing and 16 is shizen but usually not

Is their a flash drive that can hold more than 16GB?… This holds 128.

Can I put a movie on a 16GB iPod nano?

The iPod nano does permit playback of movies purchased from the iTunes Store. Movies obtained in other ways can also be played on the iPod nano provided they use supported video and audio formats. ... Read More »

Which hard drive is bigger 256mb or 16gb?

Ok man, here's some computer 101...Bit - 0 or 1 (the smallest unit of computer memory)Byte - 8 bitsKilobyte - 1,000 bytesMegabyte - 1,000 kilobytesGigabyte - 1,000 megabytesTerabytes - 1,000 gigaby... Read More »