5W20 Pennzoil & Motorcraft Differences?

Answer Exact formulations of various motor oils are closely guarded secrets. One manufacturer doesn't want another manufacturer to crack the secrets, leading to the feared development of a better oil. Bot... Read More »

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Motorcraft 5W20 Oil Specifications?

Ford has been selling products under its house brand, Motorcraft, for many years. Through Motorcraft, the company produces many different engine oils, including the semi-synthetic 5w20 oil. Ford re... Read More »

Can You Mix Mobil 1 & Pennzoil Synthetic?

If a motor oil carries the seal of the American Petroleum Institute you can be confident that the the oil meets set standards for the category of oil that it falls under. Therefore, as long as two ... Read More »

How to Use Pennzoil Marine XLF Outboard Oil?

Penzoil Marine XLF is a synthetic blend two-cycle oil developed specifically for marine outboard engines. It is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers as an approved NMMA TC-W lubricant. Pe... Read More »

Can I use regular Pennzoil 10w-30 in a high-mileage Ford truck?

Regular Pennzoil 10w-30 motor oil can be used in a high-mileage Ford truck. The main difference between 5w-30 and 10w-30 motor oil is viscosity. The 10w-30 motor oil is thicker, resulting in a slig... Read More »