5.9 Cummins Fuel Line Tools?

Answer Cummins Inc. is a United States automotive corporation that designs and sells engines, controls and electrical power generation systems. Cummins sells car systems to 190 countries through 500 compa... Read More »

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Automotive Fuel Line Tools?

A leaking fuel line can be both dangerous and expensive. If you have a leak in your fuel line, you should have the line replaced immediately. Having this done by a mechanic can be expensive, but wi... Read More »

Ford Fuel Line Tools?

There are a few simple tools you will need in order to work on your Ford's fuel line. Exactly which fuel line tools you will need will depend on the model and year of your Ford, but there are some ... Read More »

Tools for Removing the Fuel Line in a Saab?

Fuel lines are the life arteries of your car. Saabs have two fuel lines -- one marked as a white hose and the other a black hose, which transports fuel from the gas tank. These lines are made of ru... Read More »

Quick Release Tools for a Fuel Line?

A quick-release tool controls the flow of fuel. When a technician pulls out the tool, for example, the flow of fuel stops because of shutoff valves on both the male and female parts of the quick-re... Read More »