56 How do you input images from a digital camera or a scanner?

Answer just connect the digi cam to the PC thru data cable. Wait for some time after connecting. Then luk in My Computer . U will see one extra icon ( may be local drive (i) ). Open it and you can access ... Read More »

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Is an Digital Camera input device?

How is digital camera an input device?

A digital camera is an input device because it captures information and stores it on the device via the memory card(which is a storage device).

What type of input does the digital camera put into a computer?

It stores images digitally rather than recording it. The images are then input or downloaded into the computer.

Digital 1080p camera with external mic input?

Where did you get your information from? The T2i records Full HD video at 24 or 30fps and has an input for an external mic...…