5.0 Mustang Engine Specs?

Answer The 1986 Ford Mustang introduced multiple changes under the hood. It was the first year that the new electronically controlled, multi-port fuel injection system was used in the model.

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Engine Specs for a Mustang SVO?

The limited edition Ford Mustang SVO was produced from 1984 to 1986. During this time the SVO was the fastest and most expensive version of the Mustang available to the public.

1986 Mustang 5.0 Engine Specs?

1986 was the first model year for the Ford Mustang's port fuel injected, 5.0-liter, high-output engine. This engine replaced both the four-barrel carburetor and the central fuel injection system en... Read More »

66 Mustang Specs?

Ford released the Mustang in 1964, thus launching a new class of cars called the "pony" car or "muscle" car. Mustangs were distinctive for their long hoods and short rear decks, with main competito... Read More »

Specs for a '90 Mustang GT?

The Ford Mustang originally debuted in 1964. Two and a half decades after its release, the vehicle was still going strong and offering an affordable sporting car designed for the masses in the 1990... Read More »