5 yrs old but unable to recognize any letter?

Answer Are you the teacher? A tutor? A volunteer? The mother? At five years old a typically developing child will usually recognize, at minimum, 10 upper and/or lower case letters...usually starting w... Read More »

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What is the difference between a letter of interest&a cover letter?

While job seekers may be required to use both cover letters and letters of interest during their job search, there are several differences between the way these letters are written and used.Purpose... Read More »

Usb unable to format?

It has failed totally. There is no way to fix this. They are very sensitive to high level radio transmissions as in being too near a mobile phone or a router. They do not like high levels of magnet... Read More »

I am unable to resist...what should i do?

its better to eat it and enjoy every last bite, then it is to not eat it and be worried, the stress from it will make you gain more then just eating and enjoying it, teehee

Why is almost everybody unable to cook?

Because they were never taught the basic skills by their parents. My mum taught me to cook by the time I was 11 and I am still a great cook now, and am teaching my little boy who is 7.