5 year old needs help in school?

Answer Children mature and develop at different rates. It sounds like she might not yet be developmentally ready for those skills, which might be the reason for the tantrums. She is being asked to do th... Read More »

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Is it illegal to take in a 16-year-old runaway who needs help?

Helping a Runaway Teen It could be, unless the parents are notified and permission is given for the minor to reside at the person's home. If there is a problem with abuse or neglect the police shou... Read More »

My 15 year ol daughter has been told she needs glasses to wear full time. Any tips to help her with this?

Get her contacts if she wants to opt for that. But some glasses are very trendy right now and look great. Show her some very fashionable pairs, and maybe show her pics of some famous, beautiful p... Read More »

14 year old girl, needs help losing weight/getting in better shape (pictures included!) please answer(:?

Jesus Christ, what has the world come to? You're already skinny If you hadn't noticed, you should've asked how to tone your body!Eat Healthy! Order Turbo Jam, It tones your body. Gives you muscle I... Read More »

MY LAST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… PLZ HELP!?

Honey just talk to people and let them see YOU. That is all you need. If you have been shy then you need to draw yourself out ! Once you start it might feel awkward ...but you will get more conf... Read More »