5 year old girl, just found out she has a large tumor that is attached to her back.?

Answer Oh my!! I cannot help you with treatments. I so, wish I could! I am so sorry this little one has to go through another battle!I want to let you know that I can help by praying for this child! I wil... Read More »

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The doctor found a tumor on my leg "shin". He diagnosed it as a lipoma tumor. Shoud I be worried?

No, don't worry. These are usually quite harmless and the doctor will only remove it if it grows too big or is a problem cosmetically.

I just found a large worm in my kitchen sink!?

scrub it out with bleach and pay attention too food areas. close attention if your in a very warm climate.

I found a cocoon that was gray with red spikes attached to my cypress tree can anyone tell me what it is?

I have a feeling you have a Cedar Apple Rust Gall. It is not a cocoon. It is a fungal disease that has a symbiotic cycle between Cedar trees and Apple trees. The Rust Gall begins it's life on a ced... Read More »

How to Back Up to a WD External Hard Drive That Is Attached to My Computer in the Network?

Backing up your computer system is an absolute necessity, because one malware infection or hard drive crash could put your valuable files in jeopardy of being lost forever. You can use a variety of... Read More »