5 month baby having oral thrush?

Answer My Daughter is 4 months old and has/had it.Its normal. Take him/her to the doctor, they will give them medicine you put in their mouth with a cotton swab, just be sure to BOIL and serialize EVERYTH... Read More »

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What causes Oral thrush in 8 month baby?

Maybe the fact that they are teething. Ouch

Oral thrush after oral sex, antibiotics HIV?

While the first answerer was not completely right (there is a chance of getting HIV from oral sex) it is highly unlikely. If you do have oral thrush, you should not be giving oral sex. Oral thrus... Read More »


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What is the cause of a 20 month old baby having green poo?

Answer It quite simply ate too many vegetables, mostly consisting of green vegetables, such as broccoli and string beans.