5 hour energy concern?

Answer Hello, the symptoms you describe are intoxication from caffeine and withdrawl from it. The other thing to look at is the colouring and additives that are present as every brand is slightly differen... Read More »

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Anybody know if using 5-hour energy once for three days in a row detrimental to long term health Is 5-hour en?

Caffeine has become my drug of choice since I quit all the others. I've only tried 5-Hour Energy a couple of time, and it didn't seem very strong to me. The ad on TV indicates it contains 200mg c... Read More »

How come you can buy soda and coffee with EBT but not Energy drinks and 5 hour energy?

You can buy an energy drink like red bull - the operating word is DRINK. Five hour energy is not a drink it's a supplement.

Can I take a 5-hour energy?

What is in 5-Hour Energy?

Living Essentials, LLC makes the 5-Hour Energy drink. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies it as a dietary supplement. The product claims to “help you feel sharp and alert for hours ... Read More »