5 hazards from misusing the computer?

Answer Viruses, by clicking on spam or adds. Get a security system.Holding a magnet up to screen, it will create a permanent color skewWater, water will break your computer don't get it wet. (don't use a ... Read More »

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How to get away with misusing my school's computer control system?

The best possible help is DON'T DO IT!You need to be aware that any unauthorised access to a computer system (ie, using someone else's login) is a _criminal_ offence.Actually doing anything to adve... Read More »

Health Hazards of Computer Monitor Screens?

Health hazards associated with computer usage, particularly the computer monitor, have long been a concern. Proper monitor positioning, posture and ergonomics minimize damage to your body. While li... Read More »

What does the federal law say about employers misusing workers'wages?

Violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) by withholding employee wages and/or failing to pay employees the minimum hourly wage required by law can result in millions of dollars in fines and in... Read More »

How to Remove Household Hazards from Your Pets?

I'm not amused...There are various things in our homes that are dangerous to our pets and yet we often don't even give them a thought. It is important to either remove or deal with these potential ... Read More »