5 gum flavours full list?

Answer Cobalt - (Peppermint)Electro - (Spearmint)Tempest- (Watermelon)Vortex - ( Green Apple )Cirrus - (Grape-Blueberry)RPM- (Fruit mix)

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Favourite frozen yogurt flavours?

Yougurtland deff. Devils food cake, coconut, or strawberry shorcake Also Denville Dairy vanilla chocolate twist

Blue Ant q2 pair list full?

Press the volume +, volume -, and the multifunction button at the same time and it will reset the Q2 back to original settings with nothing in the pair list. Just did it to my Q2 :)

List of Full-Ride Scholarships?

Full ride scholarships pay for all expenses related to a college education, including tuition, books and housing expenses. These awards give students an opportunity to attend college free of all fi... Read More »

Which flavours of supernoodles are suitable for vegetarians?

They probably all are. Read the ingredients on the pot. Just because it says Beef Flavour doesn't mean that there's any meat in it.