5 famous people born in California from the 1800's?

Answer 1.Juan Bautista Valentín Alvarado y Vallejo (February 14, 1809 – July 13, 1882) was a Californio and twice Governor of Alta California from 1836 to 1837, and 1838 to 1842.2. Isaac Graham (Septem... Read More »

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How old were people dying in 1800s?

Life expectancy of the 1800's aye? That is actually tricky, since what most people call life expectancy is nothing but a median, the middle number taken of everyone born from 1800 to 1899 and tally... Read More »

Who is a famous person born in Europe during the 1400's?

King Henry VIII of England is unarguably one of the most historic figures of the 1400's. Born on June 28th 1491, he is famous for breaking with the Catholic Church, forming the Church of England an... Read More »

Where is the famous Bob's Big Boy in California located?

Built in 1949, the Bob's Big Boy Restaurant on West Riverside Drive in Burbank, Calif. is the oldest restaurant in the chain. Known for it's 1940s and 1950s architecture and famous clientele, the r... Read More »

Famous Southern California Restaurants?

Southern California is home to famous sites such as Hollywood and the San Diego Zoo. After checking out some of these attractions, you can dine at one of the various renowned restaurants in "SoCal.... Read More »