5 days after first chemo treatment?

Answer Hair loss is not an indicator of how well or how poorly chemotherapy is working. It is merely a side effect that is different from person to person. Depending on the drug, your hair may gradually... Read More »

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I am receiving a steriod every 21 days in my iv when I am having my chemo treatment. Will this cause me to?

It may well do, many people gain weight during chemo.I gained well over 20lbs.Don't worry, you can lose any gained weight later. For now, concentrate on the fact that the chemo's fighting your canc... Read More »

How can you increase your white blood count after chemo to receive another chemo treatment two weeks after?

I had exactly the same problems as your Husband. I also have lymphoma and my chemo is scheduled every other fortnight too. I became very immuno-supressed, and my WBC dropped very low. I ended up ge... Read More »

Patrick Swayze has sworn off the chemo in favor of a new treatment; what is this "New Treatment"?

So I got my first chemo treatment...?

Thankfully I have not gone through chemotherapy myself but my 2 year old son E has gone through many rounds of it. As a baby he had a Wilms' Tumour - a childhood kidney cancer and successfully beat... Read More »