5 Uses for Hydrogen?

Answer Hydrogen has widespread uses in industry, science, transportation and space. It owes its usefulness to its capabilities as a powerful source of energy. It may be present as a gas or a liquid, and i... Read More »

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Two Uses of the Hydrogen Element?

Hydrogen is a simple and abundant element with many uses in the fields of science, technology, industry and even food production. Though pure hydrogen cannot be found in our atmosphere, it can be p... Read More »

Liquid Hydrogen Uses?

Liquid hydrogen is -- quite simply -- the liquid state of the gaseous element hydrogen. Its chemical symbol is LH2, the "L" standing for liquid. It is made and kept at exceptionally cold temperatur... Read More »

The Practical Uses of Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a gas and is the lightest element with the atomic number 1 in the periodic table of elements. Hydrogen is quite flammable. This characteristic of hydrogen makes it quite dangerous to us... Read More »

Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide 35?

Hydrogen peroxide 35 percent is referred to as food grade hydrogen peroxide. It contains two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen, making a compound much like water (H2O) but with an extra oxy... Read More »