5 Types of Angles?

Answer An angle is a shape formed by two lines -- also called rays -- that diverge from a common point called the vertex. The legs of an angle are made up of two lines. Five common angle types are right a... Read More »

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Different Types of Angles?

Angles are not reserved for math class. They appear quite often in our everyday lives. If you look around, you'll notice angles are everywhere -- in our architecture, in our furniture, even on our ... Read More »

Types of Triangles & Angles?

The study of angles and angles and triangles is part of geometry, a branch of math. There are three types of angles--right angle, obtuse angle and acute angle--and triangles are named after what ty... Read More »

Geometry Help: Types of Angles?

In geometry, an angle consists of two rays that possess a common end point. Vertex is the name for the point where the two rays meet. The name of an angle depends on the amount of turn there is bet... Read More »

Types of Angles in Parallelograms?

Geometry is widely studied in high school or college. It can be an abstract branch of mathematics, but it's also rooted in our daily lives. The shapes, planes, and forms studied in geometry are com... Read More »