5-Star Dodge Dealership Requirements?

Answer Dealerships for car companies often receive different ratings from the manufacturer, so that customers know the dealership's quality and salesman at the dealership have something to work towards. F... Read More »

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Dodge RAM Diesel Bluetec Service Requirements?

Dodge's Cummins diesel engines use an urea-injection system called Bluetec to reduce nitric oxide emissions. This Mercedes-sourced system doesn't make the Cummins motor any less reliable, but it do... Read More »

How to Open a Car Dealership?

No matter what the economy is like, people will always need cars, trucks and other vehicles for transportation, and most go to a car dealership to buy their vehicles. Opening a car dealership can b... Read More »

How to Open a Gun Dealership?

Opening your own gun dealership can be an exciting adventure. However, you will not be successful if you cannot follow some important steps to achieving this goal. Failing to obtain proper licensin... Read More »

Do you have to pay sales tax at a used car dealership?

Yes, you must pay a sales tax when you buy a used car at a dealership. The amount of the tax varies from state to state. In the state of North Carolina, there is an annual property tax on all vehic... Read More »