4th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas for Volcanoes?

Answer The awesome power of a volcanic eruption makes this phenomenon an ideal topic for a science fair project. A student can conduct a research project on the history of volcanic activity and the lesson... Read More »

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What Are Some Ideas for a Science Fair Project on Volcanoes for 6th Graders?

Volcanoes make an interesting and educational basis for sixth-graders' science fair projects. Projects can center on in-depth research, original experiments and demonstrations or a combination of t... Read More »

Ideas for a Grade 7 Science Fair Project?

Science fairs are a wonderful opportunity for students to explore areas of personal interest. Physics, chemistry, anatomy and social sciences are just a few of the scientific branches students can ... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th Grade Physics?

Eighth grade is a common age for students to be introduced to physical sciences, exploring basic concepts such as mass, energy, acceleration and density. These can all be incorporated into a scienc... Read More »

Animal Science Fair Project Ideas for 8th Grade?

When thinking up science fair ideas, consider using animals as a subject -- a surefire way to attract attention and interest. You could take virtually any route when studying animals, so choose an ... Read More »