4gb Sandisk usb drive not working data recovery?

Answer If it can't be detected, then there is no way to recover the data in it. As to the solution, I suggest you try your USB on more computers or devices with different OS, see if it can be recognized.I... Read More »

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Password Recovery for a SanDisk Drive?

SanDisk ships their flash drives with the U3 LaunchPad software. This utility has some handy applications, but it also allows the user to encrypt and password protect the flash drive. Unfortunately... Read More »

What should you do when a SanDisk flash drive stops working?

On One Hand: USB Port DiagnosisWhen you insert a USB flash drive and the computer doesn't read the drive, then you may have a malfunctioning port. This is the most common issue because, over time, ... Read More »

Data Recovery in an Internal Hard Drive?

You have probably experienced losing computer data more than once. Either you accidentally deleted files permanently or your hard drive was corrupted. In cases of deleting data, more often than not... Read More »

How do I put a dead or dying hard drive in a freezer for data recovery?

Open your computer's case by unscrewing both access doors with a Phillips screwdriver. Disconnect the cables from the hard drive by pulling them out. Unscrew the hard drive from the computer case. ... Read More »