45 Minute Art Class Projects?

Answer Art class is important for children to express their creativity and also self expression. Through art they learn about shapes, colors and even history. Like any other skill, your students' work wil... Read More »

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Five Minute Science Projects?

While interesting, a lot of science projects can be intimidating and time-consuming, especially for young children or those who are not used to performing scientific projects. Some simple five-minu... Read More »

Simple Last-Minute Science Projects?

Many science projects require long-term thinking and preparation, and it is advisable to give your project as much attention as possible. This is not always an option, however. There are a number o... Read More »

Science Projects With One Minute Timers?

Accuracy and precision are important aspects of a well-designed science experiment. Because of this, one-minute timers can be helpful tools for many science fair projects. No matter which field you... Read More »

The Best Ideas for 5-Minute Science Projects?

From learning about volcanos to acids, educate students not only through literature but also visually by using five-minute science projects to illustrate concepts. These projects allow teachers to ... Read More »