45 Degree Lighting Techniques?

Answer Portrait lighting doesn't have to be complicated. Using 45 degree lighting techniques, it's possible to create many distinct portrait lighting styles using one single lighting setup. Whether you ha... Read More »

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Low-Key Lighting Techniques?

Lighting in your home is influenced by the type and amount of lighting you use and also by the colors in your room. The amount of light always brings up the debate between utility and decor. You wa... Read More »

Strobe Lighting Techniques?

Working with light is an essential part of a photographer's job, but what do you do when the natural light is low and your camera's flash won't give enough power? Turn to strobes, of course. These ... Read More »

Fashion Lighting Techniques?

There are many techniques for creating beautiful fashion photography, but it begins with getting the right lighting. Light is the tool you'll use to sculpt your photograph. How you use the light yo... Read More »

Photo Lighting Techniques?

Taking photographs is an art and a science. Photos are all about light, and understanding good lighting techniques will go a long way in improving the quality of images you produce with your camera... Read More »