42in LCD TV won't show picture.?

Answer Recheck your work. Caps are suppose to be soldered in one way only. If you have it reversed that could be your problem. Check for a bridge or a bad solder connection. Is it possible to tell what... Read More »

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Why does your lcd tv have a line in the picture that wont go away?

That would depend on the line.If it's a line of pixels that have gone out you need to have your TV serviced.If it is a line that scrolls slowly up the screen then it could be a "Ground Loop" which ... Read More »

Why wont twitter let have a profile picture?

The photo is too large. Resize the photo and then it will work.To resize your picture, go to and choose your photo. Then on the box that says Resize, choose a size. Then c... Read More »

I have a canon ae-1 camera that wont take a picture, it blinks a red light?

To find the instruction manual:on Yahoo or Google use search with keywords "canon AE-1 manual"You can download and read the manual to figure out the controls.Set the ISO for the film that you are u... Read More »

The flash does not light up although it pops up. it wont snap picture.?

Low batt? Try recharging battery overnight then try again.If it still does not work, set camera to Manual mode, f/8, 1/125s, ISO 100, Auto white balance, EV to 0, and set flash to fire (manual). Ra... Read More »