400 Bad Request problem?

Answer If "your browser sent a request that this server couldn't understand" + "size of request header field exceeds server limit", then your particular"request" might be a bad or supersized cookie.(The s... Read More »

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May I request you to answer my perpetual retirement plan problem?

Well!!!!!!!!Let Pâ‚€ and Xâ‚€ be the initial amounts. Pâ‚€ = P and Xâ‚€ = X Let P(n) be the balance at the end of a yearP(1) = (Pâ‚€ - Xâ‚€) (1 + r)P(2) =( P₁ - X₁) (1 + r) = { [ (Pâ‚€ - Xâ‚... Read More »

What is the difference between a Request for Proposal and a Request for a Quotation?

Request for Proposals (RFPs) require that a bidder provide detailed information on their method and pricing for fulfilling a specific project. Responses are typically evaluated on the basis of a bi... Read More »

Request for Information Vs. Request for Proposal?

Many companies bring in outside vendors when they have large-scale projects. There are many reasons for outsourcing the work, including lack of staff, lack of resources and lack of expertise for t... Read More »

What is a request for proposal&request for qualification?

Procurement departments ensure the goods and services a company receives maximize quality and reliability while minimizing cost. Procurement methods play a crucial role in the process.Procurement M... Read More »